Brightside Provide Creative and Innovative Product Design & Development Services to Individuals, SME’s and Large International Companies.


Brightside provide the design services needed to bring inventions or new product developments from idea through to manufacture.
From initial ideas or sketches, we take products through the entire development process including research, concept design, prototyping, testing / validation, patenting and final product engineering for manufacture.
Drawing on years of experience in new product development, we assure our clients get the best information, advice and help to follow the necessary steps to create successful products.
This experience allows us to advise on every aspect of the development process including patenting, commercialisation, licencing etc. & most importantly the best way to utilise budget for the best results and return.


Brightside Design was set up in 2007 by Cian O’Sullivan. Since then, Brightside has grown into a network of designers, engineers and creative individuals throughout Ireland, with a skill-set that stretches beyond the limits of a standard consultancy structure. This broad range of services encompass the entire product design process.

What is different about Brightside?

Brightside’s unique network structure allows us to select skills most suited to each project. It also allows us to expand and contract with our project requirements, allowing a much more diverse and adaptable range of services. This structure helps us to keep our pricing matched to your needs.

What We design

We design a wide range of products including consumer goods / electronics, tools, cosmetic accessories, medical / healthcare devices, wearable technologies, furniture & home-ware products.

Every day brings us new people, ideas and challenges. We continue to be excited to meet entrepreneurs, inventors and companies of all sizes that are driven to make interesting, beautiful and exceptionally engineered products.

Our Misson

Continue to challenge every aspect of all our designs until we create products that blend form and function with superior product engineering. Approach every new project with the same enthusiasm to find something truly innovative and push ourselves and the boundaries of each design.

See examples of our work here.